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The changes that you are thinking about are minor. You already have a great estate plan and you just want to make a few tweaks.Should you modify your will? Are you tempted to just do it yourself, but is that a good idea?

Not Always

You may know what you are doing and you may have researched the steps that you need to take to make sure that any amendments to your will are properly executed and enforceable. However, it is worth the time to consult with a lawyer before you make any change to your will or your estate planning documents, and here’s why:

  • Your revisions could have unintended consequences. You may end up doing more harm than good to your overall estate plan if you attempt to do this on your own.
  • There may be a better way to accomplish your goals. There may be things that you can do that you haven’t thought about yet.
  • The risk of doing it wrong is too great. You have worked too hard to let an unintentional mistake derail your estate planning intentions.

Whether you revise your will or estate plan is a personal decision, but it is not one that you need to make alone.

Find Out More Before You Do Anything

Should you modify your will or estate plan you should make sure that you have all of the information that you need to make informed decisions. You can get started today by reading our FREE report, The Ten Things You Must Know Before Creating (or Amending) Your Will or Trust, and by watching our free videos.

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