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Judge who stole while administering estate of elderly woman sentenced. A California judge who was found guilty of stealing money from senior citizens was sentenced to five years of probation on October 21. The former judge, Paul Seeman, was convicted of mishandling a $250,000 loan from a 97-year-old neighbor, as well as stealing money from her. Initial charges against Seeman were more serious, including dozens of felony counts for elder abuse and perjury.

In addition to probation, Seeman was also ordered not to live with, or act as a caregiver for, any elder or dependent adult other than a family member.

He is further forbidden from acting as a fiduciary for anyone. Seeman’s attorney stated that he accepted these terms after pleading no contest in an effort to bring closure to the matter.

When the initial charges were filed, investigators accused Seeman of befriending his elderly neighbor, Anne Nutting, and obtaining power of attorney for her with ill intent, to be used during a California estate administration for his personal gain. They further accused Seeman of then selling all of her possessions and using her home as a personal garage while living in a nearby hotel. After conducting the investigation, however, it was revealed that he had instead mishandled the loan and stolen $5,648. The loan was made to Seeman personally and was not repaid until police began the investigation. He had also helped Ms. Nutting sell some items as part of a probate sale, without evidence of malfeasance.

Seeman was ultimately convicted of lying about his financial transactions with Ms. Nutting in his sworn statements of economic interests, as well as musing judicial staff. He has since resigned from his position as judge.

Judge who stole while administering estate of elderly woman sentenced. For more information please call or email our office. To learn more about this and other California estate administration matters, contact a trusted Anaheim trust administration attorney today at (714) 282-7488.

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