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After an estate plan was carefully created, modified, and executed during the decedent’s lifetime, the next step is for it to be implemented after the creator passes away. Estate plans involving living trusts may have the added benefit of avoiding the need for and expense of a probate administration. Regardless of whether this trust plan to avoid probate, however, there are still costs associated with trust administration. Trustees fees could increase during administration.

Factors That Can Increase a Trustee’s Fees

Generally, the fees paid to the trustee will represent a reasonable reimbursement for the work needed to carry out the trust’s administration. In some cases, these fees may increase due to certain factors. These factors include the following:

  1. If there are disputes among the beneficiaries of the trust as to the terms of the trust
  2. If the validity of the trust is challenged
  3. If the trust must deal with multiple creditors
  4. If the assets of the trust are spread across multiple states
  5. If there are many beneficiaries of the trust
  6. If a beneficiary of the trust is involved in a bankruptcy, lawsuit, or divorce
  7. If the trust has substantial tax issues to address
  8. If the trust has provisions that are unclear or open to interpretation, requiring court involvement
  9. If the beneficiaries of the trust are difficult to locate or communicate with
  10. If the assets of the trust are difficult to manage

Trustees Fees Could Increase During Administration, trustee fees for similar-sized estates will often fall within a reasonable range. Several factors can increase these fees. To stay up to date on the latest information about administering a trust in Orange County, we encourage you to sign up for our free newsletter.

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