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Family Disputes and Anaheim Probate Court Oversight: 6 Benefits. During the implementation of an estate plan, disputes sometimes arise among family members of the decedent. This is the case even in instances where the family members previously got along very well with each other. The emotional turmoil of losing a loved one, combined with the significance of distributing that person’s financial and personal assets, may sometimes give rise to disputes that otherwise would not have occurred. In these cases, having the estate administration overseen by the probate court does have some advantages.

The following are six such benefits for family members in dispute over an Anaheim estate administration:

  1. A probate court may be able to order alternative dispute resolution or mediation.
  2. A probate court can answer the question as to who the rightful heirs or beneficiaries of the estate are.
  3. A probate court can make a final determination as to who will receive what property.
  4. A probate court can give each heir or beneficiary an opportunity to be heard.
  5. A probate court acts as a neutral third party that is making the decisions.
  6. A probate court can settle disputes so that the parties can move on with less worry that the conflict will resurface later.

Family Disputes and Anaheim Probate Court Oversight: 6 Benefits. Disputes among family members during the administration of an estate in Anaheim are unfortunately all too common. Fortunately, there are many tools available to both prevent and address these conflicts. Sign up for our free newsletter to learn more about common estate administration issues, techniques, and tools.

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