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Obtain an Estate Tax ID Number in Five Easy Steps. When administering an estate, your responsibilities are numerous. One task that you must check off your estate administration to-do list is to obtain a tax ID number for the estate. This ID number is used to report the estate’s income and losses, open up bank accounts, and other important tasks. Fortunately, applying online is a quick and relatively simple process.

How it Works

Wondering how to obtain a tax ID number online on behalf of an estate? Following is a breakdown of the steps involved:

  1. Visit the IRS website. Navigate to the page for applying for a tax ID number online. Select “Apply for a new EIN” in order to get started. It is important that you choose the option for “estate” before proceeding to the next step.
  2. Enter the full name and social security number of your deceased loved one. You will then be asked to confirm that this number is correct.
  3. Enter the date on which your loved one passed away. You will also need to include important information such as the address of the estate. For example, the address may be a street number and street name located in Irvine, California. In other cases, the estate may not have a legal address at all.
  4. Enter your full name as the third-party designee. You will also be asked to provide your telephone number.
  5. On the final page, enter your name as “applicant”, and enter your name again in the form of an electronic signature. Once you are ready, click “submit” in order to proceed. If you need to make changes at this point, simply select “edit” and make corrections in the areas necessary. Once you are ready, the application can be officially submitted and you will immediately receive a tax ID number for the estate. This number can be utilized right away.

While obtaining a tax ID number online is not difficult, there are certain questions that can have important tax implications. Therefore, it is wise to consult with your attorney and accountant before proceeding.

Obtain an Estate Tax ID Number in Five Easy Steps. We hope that this information provided you with helpful guidance for obtaining a tax ID number for an estate. If so, please share it with your friends and family on Facebook!

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