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If you’ve put off making a will or creating an estate plan, you’re not alone. Many people don’t like to think about death, so they procrastinate. Even celebrities do this. Of course, we never know when the inevitable will happen. We can all learn from the mistakes of these famous celebrities who died without wills or estate plans.

Don’t Make The Same Mistakes

  • Sonny Bono. Mr. Bono died unexpectedly in a skiing accident. Without a will to guide them, his family members argued over who should take what. While it’s a sure thing that we will all die, we never know exactly when we will die. If you procrastinate on creating an estate plan, you may leave your family in a bind.
  • Jimi Hendrix: Mr. Hendrix died young, without a will. State law awarded his entire estate to his father, who then left everything to an adopted daughter from a later marriage. Mr. Hendrix’s brother, to whom he was close, received nothing. Without a will or a living trust, the state will determine who inherits your assets. To ensure that your wishes are respected, you need an estate plan.
  • Stieg Larsson: The Swedish writer died without a will. His estate was divided between his father and brother according to Swedish law. This meant that his girlfriend of 32 years received nothing. People in non-marital relationships must create estate plans, or else their partners may lose out.

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