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Anna Nicole Smith’s Estate Sues Stepson’s Estate for Cheating. The latest turn of events in the decades-long battle over the estate of the late J. Howard Marshall continues, as lawyers on behalf of Anna Nicole Smith’s sole heir pursue $44 million against Marshall’s deceased son. The son, E. Pierce Marshall, is accused of lying and cheating during the estate litigation matter over his late father’s fortune. A judge in California agreed with lawyers for the estate of Anna Nicole Smith on Monday, April 1st. Trial is tentatively scheduled for April 29th.

Anna Nicole Smith was married to the late J. Howard Marshall at the time of his death. When the oil tycoon passed, Anna Nicole filed suit alleging that her late husband had intended to give her half of his estate. The battle continued for many years, eventually reaching the U.S. Supreme Court. The courts ultimately held in favor of Marshall’s son; however, Smith’s estate was allowed to pursue a motion for sanctions against the estate of Marshall’s son. Anna Nicole Smith passed in 2007.

In a motion that was filed by attorneys for Smith’s estate, the younger Marshall is accused of the following:

  1. Failing to turn over critical trust documents
  2. Destroying vital documents relating to the case
  3. Lying about actions and details
  4. Scheming to prevent any payment from the elder Marshall’s estate to Smith

Since Anna Nicole Smith passed away unmarried and without other living children in 2007, her daughter, Dannielynn, is her sole heir. As a result, it is Dannielynn who stands to inherit the millions in sanctions that her mother’s estate will be awarded if they prevail at trial.

Anna Nicole Smith’s Estate Sues Stepson’s Estate for Cheating. To learn more about this and other current estate litigation matters, we encourage you to sign up for our free newsletter.

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