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You are creating a trust for the benefit of your family, so you have reassurance you’ve provided them with financial security should something happen to you. However, you have to choose a person to handle the trust so that it’s properly managed. Making that decision is a big responsibility, and sometimes it isn’t easy to choose the right person to make sure the trust is implemented according to your wishes.

Options to Consider When Naming a Trustee or Successor Trustee to a Family Trust

There are many people you can name as a trustee. Here are some people to consider when naming a trustee:

  • A relative or close friend. You may want to name a loved one or someone close to you as your trustee because you trust them. You believe that they love you as you love them, you may feel confident that your trust will be implemented properly.
  • A professional trustee. You may not know or have reason to trust a professional trustee. However, not only does a professional trustee have the necessary experience to implement your trust, he has a fiduciary duty to implement the trust according to the terms of the document and California law.
  • More than one trustee. If you name more than one trustee to handle your trust, no one person has complete control over how your trust is managed. Choosing co-trustees who can work and get along well together can also help with potential communication issues with beneficiaries.

Your family is counting on you to make the right decisions to protect and care for them through your trust. These are important decisions to make, and choosing a trustee may be the most important of all.

Be sure you have all the necessary information to make informed choices. To find out more about things to consider when creating a trust, please read our free report, Ten Things You Must Know Before Creating (or Amending) Your Will or Trust.

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