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Who Controls IRA Distribution Options Explained By Orange County Estate Planning Attorney James F. Roberts

What Usually Happens When You Have An IRA And Who Controls IRA Distribution Options

What generally happens when you have an IRA is that you fill out a form that says who you want to receive and what percentage you want them to receive of the qualified funds. An example would be if you have three children and you want them to get equally you would fill out the form saying you want child A to get 1/3, child B to get 1/3, and child C to get 1/3. So you are able to choose who the beneficiary is going to be and you choose the percentage.

What you do not get to choose is how that money is distributed to those beneficiaries. Beneficiaries control IRA distribution options.

There is no where and nothing you can put on your form that says that can require your beneficiary to take a lump sum, a five year or a lifetime distribution. Your beneficiary gets to choose. The beneficiary controls the IRA distribution options and the choice they make has major tax consequences. Talk with one of our attorneys today about what you can do to help mitigate those tax consequences in your estate planning.

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