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Can you pass on season tickets? It all depends on the terms of your season tickets. Your tickets are a form of contract, and the professional sports team that sold the tickets to you likely put limitations as to how the tickets may be transferred during your lifetime or when you die. When you first purchased your tickets, this may have been the last thing on your mind! Instead of worrying about who would get your season tickets next, you were excited to enjoy them yourself.

Enjoy Your Tickets, but Plan Ahead to Pass on Season Tickets

You enjoy going to watch the Anaheim Angels, the Oakland Raiders, or another major league sports team in California, but you should know how your tickets will be transferred should you die. Some teams do not allow for transfers; others allow you to name your successor ticket holder; and others have certain restrictions that you must comply with if you are to pass on season tickets.

If you don’t comply with the exact terms of the transfer as described in your season ticket contract, your loved ones may lose the right to the tickets. Thus, you want to make sure that you bring your season tickets to the attention of your estate planning lawyer. He can ensure that all of the requirements are met, so that if possible, your beneficiaries can enjoy the games and continue the traditions that you’ve begun. To learn more, please start a live chat with us today.

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