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Modifying an estate plan following a second marriage is a common occurrence. While modifying an Anaheim estate plan should be a high priority after a second marriage, there are many unique aspects to this type of planning that should be carefully considered. An experienced California estate planning lawyer can help guide you through this process.

In general, it is important to consider the following questions when modifying your estate plan to accommodate a second marriage:

  1. Are your children from a previous relationship adults or minors?
  2. What is the age difference between your children from a previous relationship and your new spouse? Is your new spouse likely to predecease your children?
  3. Do you have children or anticipate having children in the future with your new spouse?
  4. Are you subject to the terms of a divorce agreement from your previous relationship?
  5. Do you plan to keep your assets separate from your new spouse?
  6. What are your primary estate planning goals now that you have a significant change to your estate plan?
  7. Do you hope to provide for your new spouse in the event that you pass?
  8. Would you like to put some control on your new spouse with regard to your estate assets?
  9. Do you plan to leave your children from a previous relationship a specific asset or assets?
  10. Do you hope to distribute assets directly to anyone immediately following your passing?

To learn more about updating an estate plan after a second marriage, contract our office of experienced Anaheim estate planning attorneys today for further guidance. Call us at (714) 282-7488 for a consultation.

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