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While your living trust may be the star of your estate plan a pour over will is part of the supporting cast. Ancillary estate documents are often just as important as the living trust or will. When you prepare an estate plan that includes a living trust, your attorney will likely advise several ancillary documents to accompany the trust, as well. Examples of these ancillary estate documents include the advanced directive, the durable power of attorney, and the pour over will.

The following is an overview of pour over wills in Anaheim:

  • A pour over will serves as a safety net for any asset not moved into the trust during your lifetime. This way, the asset still ends up in the trust, despite having to pass through the will and a brief probate proceeding to get there.
  • Pour over wills dump assets into the living trust.
  • If you have minor children, you will appoint your successor guardians under the provisions of your will.

While this information may seem overly complicated at first glance, it is vital for all people with an estate plan that includes a living will to incorporate a pour over will as a safety net. Fortunately, an experienced San Diego pour over will attorney can help guide you through this process.

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