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The Role of an Estate Planning Attorney-Orange County Estate Planning Attorney James F. Roberts

Understanding The role of an Estate Planning Attorney

It has been my experience that things are becoming more and more complicated. It is important that you have the right advisers to give you the right information. We are an estate planning law firm with estate planning attorneys. We are not financial planners. That is a different discipline of planning. As estate planners, we help our clients transfer their wealth from one generation to the next. We work to ensure that they are in control for as long as possible, but if there is some point of incapacity that happens then we want to ensure for them that there is somebody to help them. There is a need for Financial planners. This is a discipline who assists with the best strategy for your finances and freedom during your lifetime such as should you keep your money in a 401k or roll it into an IRA. Our firm works closely with financial planners to help ensure our clients are getting the very best advice. In fact we have a financial planning firm that we share our office spaces with so that if you have questions, we can help to provide you with information and set up an appointment not only for our estate planning team, but we set up an appointment for you to ask questions about IRAs and other financial matters with the financial planning team. Contact us today and set up an appointment.

We offer a many different resources and pamphlets on the subject of creating, updating and implementing estate plans. We also offer a regularly scheduled seminar in our office to help people determine what the best options are for them in their estate planning needs. We hope you sign up for one of our seminars to help you find your best options.


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