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Serving as a trustee of a California trust is a big responsibility. There are several tasks that a trustee must perform in order to fulfill his duties. These duties are outlined in the trust itself, as well as under California law. To ensure that you are properly carrying out your obligations as a trustee, it is vital to seek the guidance of an experienced Anaheim trust attorney. While you may be aware that you have several tasks ahead of you, understanding specifically the initial steps to take may be unfamiliar to you if you have never served as a trustee in the past.

The following are some of the initial steps that a trustee should take when administering an Orange County trust:

  • Accept your appointment as trustee of the Anaheim trust.
  • Carefully read the trust documents.
  • Review the duties of the trustee that are outlined in the trust instrument.
  • Determine which assets are held in the trust.
  • Assess whether additional assets will become part of the trust through the will, an insurance policy, retirement plan, or other manner.
  • Provide notice to interested parties.
  • Reregister the trust assets.
  • Obtain a tax ID number if necessary.

These tasks are just a small sample of the many responsibilities that a trustee will encounter during the administration process. It is important for a trustee to properly carry out these duties. If the trustee does not accomplish these tasks in accordance with California trust laws and the terms of the trust, he could face potential liability.

To learn more about how a revocable trust works, view our free DVD, Understanding the Revocable Living Trust – In Language that Anyone Can Understand in 8 Minutes. Our office of experienced Anaheim trust attorneys can offer additional information. Call our office today at (714) 282-7488 for a consultation.

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