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Taking your IRA Benefits in a Lump Sum Versus Remainder of Life Expectancy -Explained by Orange County Estate Planning Attorney James F. Roberts

Lump Sum Versus Remainder of Life Expectancy

I really want you to sit back and think about it. Let’s say you have significant money in your IRA account. We will say $300K that you plan to leave to a son or daughter.

Would you rather have your child pay the taxes right up front and end up with maybe $175K after taxes, or would you rather have that child use the $300K in such a way that it will generate during their lifetime, maybe $3M dollars?  Can you visualize the difference that is going to make for your child’s life, for your grandchildren and maybe for many generations?

It is remarkable what a difference a little bit of planning can make for the future. If you name a child the beneficiary, then they get to choose to take a lump sum versus remainder of life expectancy distribution, and you have no choice. But if you choose to make the trust the beneficiary and set up an IRA sub-trust you can choose to help them much more than maybe they understand to start with. Choosing A Lump Sum Versus Remainder of Life Expectancy by making your trust the beneficiary of your IRA is one way you can help provide for your family for future generations.

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