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You have decisions to make. How will your estate be distributed when you die? As you consider your options and how best to provide for your loved ones, you keep coming back to the same thought. You want to leave some of your money to your alma mater.

It May Be Time to Consider Your College or University

Your college or university could benefit from a financial gift from your estate. You might want to consider leaving money to your alma mater if:

  • You are committed to helping others. You can help future students have the same opportunities you did by providing a gift to the school. Additionally, you could help the school do other important things such as fund an important research project, purchase a unique piece of art, or build a library.
  • It makes you feel good. You received a great education and had a good experience at your school. You may want to give back to the institution that gave you so much.
  • There are tax benefits for your estate. With proper planning, the amount that you leave to your alma mater may not be subject to estate tax.

Of course, you will have to weigh these reasons against other bequests that you would like to make. You may consider how you want to divide your estate among your children, other beneficiaries, and other organizations.

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