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Orange County Estate Planning Attorney goes over some considerable factors when selecting a guardian for your children in case something happens to you and your spouse.

Selecting a Guardian Over Your Minor Children

One of the most important jobs parents have to complete in their estate planning is choosing a guardian. While it is an uncomfortable task it is one of the most important decisions you can make and it is one that has the potential to affect your child for years to come. For this reason we are creating 9 videos to go over factors you should consider in selecting your guardian for your minor children. No one is going to be able to do the job you would do and no one can replace you in your child’s life, but choosing a guardian who will care for your child is crucial. Review these videos and talk with us about choosing the best possible candidate to become guardians of your child if some tragedy were to occur to provide comfort and security for your child. When you are ready to write your estate plan with the benefit of having truly thought about who would be the best person to take on the difficult role of guardian if needed, we are here to help you create an estate plan that will meet your needs. Follow up with your estate planning attorney to ensure that your estate plan honors your wishes and is set up correctly. Contact us today and set up an appointment.

We offer a many different resources and pamphlets on the subject of creating, updating and implementing estate plans. We also offer a regularly scheduled seminar in our office to help people determine what the best options are for them in their estate planning needs. We hope you sign up for one of our seminars to help you find your best options. We regularly conduct free seminars designed to teach about the benefits of creating an estate plan.

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