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Thinking about life after you’re gone is not easy. Discussing those plans with loved ones is even harder. That’s why so many of us don’t make an estate plan—it’s just too hard to think about. The problem with this head-in-the-sand approach, though, is that it could prevent your loved ones from getting the money and property you want them to have and, worse, create rifts in your family that can’t be healed. Don’t let this be your legacy. Take action today to ensure that the estate planning solution in your head becomes a reality after you’re gone.

Order your free copy of our book, Estate Planning Made Simple, and take the first steps towards the peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved ones will be taken care of if anything should happen to you. The book will help you make those important but difficult decisions about which estate planning solution is best for you and get the conversation started with your family. Once you’ve done that, the attorneys at James F. Roberts and Associates are here to make your plan a reality.

Feel free to contact us at (866) 590-0886 to ask any questions you may have or to schedule a consultation. Get the book, call us, and take charge of your life!

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