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On March 18th, Cheryl Ann Walker, the mother of deceased actor Paul Walker, filed a court petition to become the legal guardian of her son’s only daughter, Meadow Walker. Meadow is 15-years-old. Her mother, Rebecca Soteros, has an alleged drinking problem. Both Meadow and her mother are currently living with Cheryl Ann Walker.

According to the petition, Ms. Walker is filing for guardianship over her granddaughter due to her mother’s struggle with alcoholism. She has raised four children of her own and is currently working as a registered nurse. Ms. Walker also asserts that she is trying to protect the multi-million dollar estate of which Meadow is the sole beneficiary. Paul Walker’s will listed his mother as “dedicated guardian” of his only daughter.

Under the terms of Walker’s will, his father, Paul Walker III, is the named executor of his estate. The estimated value of the estate is reportedly $16 million. The will further states that if the elder Walker is unable or unwilling to serve in this role, that Cheryl Ann Walker is to be the successor executor. Ms. Walker’s petition states that it is “necessary and convenient” for her to be appointed guardian of both the person (Meadow) and the estate.

Meadow’s mother Rebecca has reportedly had trouble with the law, after being arrested for a DUI in both 2003 and 2013. Her battle with alcoholism is cited as the reason for Meadow’s move from Hawaii to Los Angeles three years ago. Her father tragically passed away on November 30, 2013.

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