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Your love did not die when your loved one died. Instead, your love is as strong as ever and you want to do everything in your power to make sure that your loved one’s wishes are honored and respected after he passed away.

You May Not Be a Lawyer, but You Can Still Help Implement Your Loved One’s Estate Plan

You do not need to be a lawyer in order to help implement your loved one’s estate plan. What you can do to make sure your loved one’s wishes are honored depends on your role now. Specifically:

  • If you are a relative or beneficiary then you can abide by the terms set forth in your loved one’s estate and not contest the will.
  • If you are an executor then you can be diligent in your duties, make sure that you meet all applicable deadlines, and make sure that you honor the wishes set forth in the will, trust, and other estate documents.
  • If you are named as guardian then you can do your best to raise the children according to the values of their parent and to support them during this difficult time.
  • If you are a trustee then you can administer the trust for the benefit of the trust beneficiaries.

Regardless of your role, you can work with an estate planning lawyer to make sure that the terms of your loved one’s estate plan are honored. For more ideas about how to honor your loved one’s estate watch our free videos and follow us on Facebook.

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