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Anaheim Probate Administration May Not Be the End of the World.Ideally, when your loved one passes and you begin the process of implementing her Anaheim estate plan, a strategy is in place to avoid or minimize the need for a formal probate. In some cases, however, this strategy either did not exist or was not fully carried through. In still other cases, the decedent may have chosen to have his estate pass through formal probate for personal reasons. Whatever the case may be, as you find yourself faced with the prospect of administering an estate through formal proceedings, there are certain advantages to this process.

What are some examples of how formal probate can be a benefit? The following is in an overview:

  1. By going through the formal probate process in California, you lessen the amount of time that creditors have to come forward to make a claim against the estate. During the probate process, creditors have four months in which to file a claim. If no probate proceeding is commenced, however, creditors generally have up to one year to file a claim.
  2. Formal probate proceedings allow for a definitive ruling on the validity of a will, the beneficiaries or heirs of an estate, and the owners of an asset.
  3. The probate process allows a judge to oversee the estate administration. This extra oversight lessens the likelihood that the executor of the estate might commit fraud, steal from the estate, or otherwise act irresponsibly.
  4. The probate process is good for estates where there are disputes amongst the beneficiaries, heirs, or family members of the deceased. The court is able to oversee the process to resolve these differences more quickly.

Anaheim Probate Administration May Not Be the End of the World.As you conduct a formal probate administration for the estate of your loved one, it may help to know that there are certain benefits to this process. To learn more about this and other popular estate administration questions, we encourage you to follow us on YouTube!

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