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Three Reasons to Consult an Estate Planning Lawyer When You Move to California, There are boxes to unpack, doctors to find, and new jobs to settle into. There is a lot to do when you move to a new state. Some things are obvious. You are going to need to find the grocery store and learn your way around the neighborhood quickly. However, there are other important details that could get lost on your very long to-do list.

Don’t Let Calling an Estate Planning Lawyer Be One of the Things You Forget

You may already have a will, trust, and estate plan that was developed with an experienced attorney in another state. However, when you move to California you should contact a local lawyer to talk about:

  • How different state laws effect your estate plan. There may be laws in the state of California that would allow more of your estate to pass to your beneficiaries without tax consequences, for example. You can find out if there are any laws or estate planning techniques that you should consider by consulting with a local lawyer.
  • Your healthcare proxy and durable power of attorney. You want to make sure that both documents will be considered valid in the state of California so that your wishes will be honored and so that the right people will be making important decisions for you if you are sick or hurt and unable to do so yourself.
  • How your estate would be administrated if you die in California. If the executor and trustees that you named live far away then it may be difficult for them to do their jobs effectively and you might want to consider naming other people to these roles.

Talking to an attorney does not necessarily mean that things will change. Instead, it means that you will consider all of your options so that you can make educated decisions about your estate plan.

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Three Reasons to Consult an Estate Planning Lawyer When You Move to California. Please browse our free resources, watch our free YouTube videos, and start a live chat with us today for more information about your unique needs.

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