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Complexities of wills and trust require you to keep them current. Does life seem to be more complicated than it needs to be?  For many of us–the answer is “Yes” and “heck Yes!”  For example, our microwave ovens can be program to do all types of fancy cooking, but most of us use the default power setting and blissfully set the time to warm our left-overs.  The engineers that designed the microwave created a default option that reasonably meets most people’s needs.  Unfortunately, when it comes to something much more important than any setting on a microwave–your will and trust–the complexity normally does not allow for a simple default option that works well.

For example, we see many people showing up in our office with much more complicated estate planning documents than they currently need.

We now know that your assets will not be subject to Federal estate tax if they total less than $5,340.000 and you die in 2014 without making any large gifts during your lifetime.  However, if you are married and have a trust that is several years old or older, there is a real possibility that the surviving spouse will be required to implement a complicated procedure that was originally designed to save taxes but for most people it is no longer necessary.

Complexities of wills and trust require you to keep them current. We are here to help anyone with their wills and trust.  If you live in Orange County, California or one of the surrounding counties, are experienced estate planning attorneys will meet with you to discuss your options.  You owe it to your family to make life simple.

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