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How to Pick the Right Estate Planning Lawyer for a Long-Term Relationship. It may have only taken a few meetings to create your estate plan with your lawyer. Together, you identified your goals and created the will, trusts, and supporting documents that met your needs. You left with a fully executed and enforceable estate plan that will make sure that your wishes are honored after your death.

You might not think about your estate plan, or your estate planning attorney, again for several years.

Then, something might happen that makes you think about whether your trust, will, and other estate planning documents continue to reflect your wishes. These thoughts come up at different times for different people. For example, you might get married, divorced, have a child, become involved with a charity, start your own business, or have a significant increase in your assets.

Then it Will Be Time to Call Your Estate Planning Lawyer Again

The same lawyer who helped you create your estate plan can help you modify your estate plan. Accordingly, you should consider working with an estate planning lawyer who:

  • Will take the time to teach you and guide you through the decision making process. These are your decisions to make and you need all of the available information with which to make an informed choice.
  • Is experienced with making changes to estate plans. There may be things that you haven’t thought about yet that an experienced lawyer can share with you.
  • Is established in the community, and is likely to be around again in a few years should you need to modify your estate plan again.

How to Pick the Right Estate Planning Lawyer for a Long-Term Relationship. Whether or not we created your original estate plan, we would be happy to talk to you about modifying you estate plan now and about what our continued relationship may be with you in the future. Start a live chat with us today to learn more.

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