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No one likes to talk about death. No one likes to think about his or her parents dying, either. But if you know that your parents have created a trust and have appointed you as successor trustee, it’s time to have “the talk” with your parents.

Having a conversation with your parents about their estate planning choices can be difficult and emotional. However, the pain will be worth it if you find out valuable information.

How should you talk to your parents about their estate plans?

First of all, you should choose a comfortable setting at a time when people are relaxed and not preoccupied. If you have siblings, you may want to include them in the conversation, although young children should not be present. Make sure that your parents are physically comfortable. Eliminate distractions: turn the TV off and put down your phone.

Begin by expressing your love and your interest in making sure your parents’ wishes will be respected. Explain that you want to know what your parents’ plans are so that you can ensure they are carried out.

You should discuss your parents’ trust and your role in administering it. You should also discuss which medical interventions your parents are comfortable with, and whether they wish to pursue long-term care options. Find out where your parents’ key documents are located so that you are able to find them in an emergency.

You will likely feel better after you have the conversation

You will probably leave the meeting feeling better about your understanding of your parents’ wishes. Your parents, too, may be relieved that someone has taken the initiative to consider these matters early on. You may need to have multiple conversations before all your questions about these issues have been answered, but you will probably feel better just knowing that you started the first conversation.

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