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Consider what a prospective client wrote us not too long ago: “When I first set up an estate plan years ago, I had young children. When I revised it, they were young adults, just starting out in life. Now, I’m happy to report, they are both successful adults with solid careers of their own. Which makes me wonder: Why should I leave my entire estate to them? They certainly don’t need any more money. And, I think my assets could do far more good in the hands of a reputable charity. How would I go about doing this?”

Perhaps you, too, have been considering a bequest to an organization that has earned your approval.

People decide to donate their assets to charity for many reasons. Sometimes, like the writer above, the person simply decides that his loved ones do not need any more money and that the money could be put to better use by a charity. In some cases, a person has been involved with the charity for years, donating both time and money to a particular cause. In other cases, the person has had limited involvement with the charity, but has always respected its work.

Donating assets to a charity after your death requires legal help

If you decide to leave your assets to a charity, you should speak to an attorney. By asking a wills and trusts attorney to review and update your estate plan documents, you can do what is right for your remaining beneficiaries as well as carry out your charitable interests.

If you plan to donate a sizeable sum, your attorney may suggest that you speak to representatives at the benefited charity about your plans. Doing so may help you better understand how the charity functions and which gifts might be most appreciated. That information will help your attorney tailor a gift that will meet the charity’s future needs and address your desires.

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