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At some point after creating a revocable trust in Orange County, you may need to amend it so that it better suits your current life circumstances. For those who have never amended a trust in the past, this process may seem complicated. It does not have to be complicated, however, if the process is handled properly. Fortunately, with the assistance of a knowledgeable Anaheim trust lawyer, amending a trust is often straight forward and painless. 

If you have decided to amend your Anaheim revocable trust, there are several steps that you can anticipate. The following is an overview of the steps that are involved with amending a revocable trust in California:

  1. Consult with an experienced Anaheim trust attorney.
  2. Address the issues that you want to correct, revise, or update in your trust.
  3. The attorney will draft an amendment to the trust that either restates the terms of the trust entirely or amends a specific section.
  4. Carefully review the draft of the amendment to ensure it is in line with your goals.
  5. Make any desired changes to the amendment.
  6. Execute the amendment with the assistance of your attorney.

Your attorney will help you to decide whether a full restatement is necessary or whether an amendment limited to specific provisions will suffice. In addition, your attorney will assess whether you need revisions to your other estate planning documents, as well. This may include your Will or Durable Power of Attorney.

To learn more about what the estate plan modification process entails, view our free pamphlet, “The Ten Things You Must Know Before Creating (or Amending) Your Will or Trust.” Our office of experienced Anaheim estate planning attorneys can help guide you through the estate plan modification process. Call our office today at (714) 282-7488 for a consultation.

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