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An estate plan may not come with a fancy bow. There may be no package to leave under your tree—and it might even be met with moans and groans from your loved ones who do not want to think about anything bad happening to you.

However, an Estate Plan May Still Be the Perfect Holiday Gift

As you wrap the presents you bought at the mall, it is important to keep in mind what this season is really about. It is about peace—not only world peace, but also peace for yourself and for your family. An estate plan can help give you all the peace that you deserve by:

  • Providing certainty about what should happen if you are gone.
  • Ensuring stability for your minor children.
  • Allowing you to provide for your favorite charities after your death.
  • Preventing family fighting about what should happen if you become incapacitated or if you die.

It will be a gift that is important to all of you long after the holiday season has ended.

Remember, This Isn’t a One-Size-Fits-All Gift

While it is possible to fill in the blanks on a will template and have it be legally binding, there is a better way to create your estate plan. You should meet with an experienced estate planning lawyer and share your goals and objectives. Your attorney may know of ways to accomplish your goals that you have not thought about yet and you can be confident that your estate plan will be binding and enforceable.

This isn’t a gift that has to be given by December 25th. It can be part of your New Year’s resolutions or something that you do for your family in the months ahead. Whenever you decide to do it, you can be confident that you have given your family a great gift—even if they don’t yet realize it.


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