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When you first created your Orange County estate plan, your attorney likely explained to you some of the basic documents and planning techniques appropriate for your situation. He also may have explained to you that your plan could be modified or updated in the future to accommodate changes in your life. What do these modifications and updates consist of when it comes to estate planning? The options are nearly limitless, and depend largely on the unique facts and circumstances of your life. The following, however, are eight common examples of modifications that might occur to your Anaheim estate plan:

  • Change your basic information such as names, addresses, and contact information.
  • Add a revocable trust to an existing plan to manage and distribute assets, plan for your incapacity, and avoid probate.
  • Add an irrevocable life insurance trust for a new life insurance policy.
  • Amend your trust and amend or create a new will in order to minimize estate taxes.
  • Change the group of people who stand to inherit your property.
  • Incorporate changes to federal or state laws.
  • Add a guardian for newly born minor children.
  • Revise your wishes for end-of-life care.

Even if the Law Office of James F. Roberts & Associates did not draft your original estate planning documents, we can still update your plan existing plan. Our free pamphlet, The Ten Things You Must Know Before Creating (or Amending) Your Will or Trust, offers additional information about updating an estate plan. Our office of experienced Anaheim estate planning attorneys can provide further guidance. Call our office today at (714) 282-7488 for a consultation.

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