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Often when implementing an estate plan in California, the loved one of the deceased will discover that their friend or family member had executed a pour-over will. Pour-over wills are a common type of will used in conjunction with a revocable living trust. The pour-over will serves as a catchall for the estate assets. As a result, if you are in charge of implementing an Orange County estate plan, you may be responsible for carrying out the terms of the pour-over will and directing assets to the trust.

What does a pour-over will accomplish in California? The following is an overview:

  1. Naming you as executor of the will. Once the pour-over will is admitted to the California probate court, if accepted, you will be officially appointed as executor.
  2. Naming a guardian for any minor children.
  3. Distributing personal property such as jewelry, clothing, or furniture if this property is not held in the trust or poured into the trust.
  4. Paying any stated expenses that are named in the will, such as costs of estate administration, state or federal taxes, or funeral costs.
  5. Listing your powers in your capacity as an executor.
  6. Pouring the remaining estate assets into the trust.

Administering a pour-over will in Orange County will typically also involve a trust administration. Our free guide, Understanding the Revocable Living Trust – In Language That Anyone Can Understand in 8 Minutes, provides more information about revocable trusts in California. Our office of experienced Anaheim trust attorneys can offer further guidance. Call us today at (714) 282-7488 for a consultation.

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