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As we age, issues such as our health and physical well being become increasingly relevant. For this reason, planning for a possible disability may now seem like one of the highest priorities when it comes to your estate plan. If you created your plan when you were much younger and are concerned about becoming disabled in the future, it may be time for an update.

Planning for Disability

Are you ready to take the next steps and modify your estate plan to address a possible future disability? Consider taking these six actions:

  1. Consult with your estate planning attorney. It is important to communicate your concerns and changing goals so that your attorney can ensure that your plan is modified accordingly.
  2. Review your existing estate plan and determine whether it contains provisions for disability or incapacity.
  3. If you have a trust as part of your existing estate plan, ensure that it is properly funded with your assets.
  4. Discuss with your attorney the changes that you would like made to your estate plan. This may include your wishes relating to what should happen in the event that you become disabled or incapacitated.
  5. Consider carefully the recommendations made by your attorney with regard to updating your estate plan to plan for your disability or incapacity.
  6. Determine the individual or individuals who you want to be in charge of your affairs in event of disability or incapacity.

Over time, ensuring that your estate plan addresses concerns about becoming disabled in the future may become increasingly important. Take these steps to modify your plan. We are well versed in the issues that are important to our clients in all stages of life, and we can help to ensure that your estate plan properly reflects your goals. We encourage you to view our client testimonials page today to learn more about how we have helped clients in Anaheim and throughout Orange County to update their estate plans.

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