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The successor Trustee role is so important because this person you appoint could potentially manage your financial affairs for you while you are still living but incapacitated.Characteristics to selecting a good trustee is very important. This could be a reality for you so make sure to plan properly.  In essence what you are asking your successor trustee to do is run and manage two lives, i.e. theirs as well as yours.  This person will be responsible for paying your bills, dealing with your financial institutions, possibly paying your taxes, etc.

What characteristics should you look for in a person when selecting your successor trustee?

1) financially savvy individual —

2) financially independent

3) financially responsible

4)  trustworthy person

5) fair person

6) someone who will always have your best interest at heart

You want to consider appointing a person who is a good money manager and someone who is able to pay their own bills with their own money (i.e. someone who is financially stable on their own).  You do not want a person stepping into your financial affairs and questioning if they should “borrow” some of your funds to pay their mortgage just for this one month for example.  We have found that unfortunately one month turns into two months of borrowing and the money never gets paid back.  Don’t get suck in a bad situation that could have been avoided.

Characteristics to selecting a good trustee is very important. Have you made a good selection?.Your estate plan is about peace of mind for you and making sure you will be well taken care of if you are not capable of doing that on your own.

Have you made a good selection?

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