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Often, after the death of a loved one, beneficiaries are anxious to receive their inheritance. Assets that are held in trust often can be distributed with greater ease and less expense than assets that must first pass through the probate process. Before the  distribution of California living trust assets trustee of the trust will first carry out several administrative tasks. An experienced Orange County trust lawyer can assist the trustee in carrying out these tasks and oversee the distribution of the assets to the beneficiaries.

Administrative tasks that must occur before the distribution of the assets include the following:

  • The trustee will determine who the beneficiaries of the trust are.
  • Notice will be provided to all beneficiaries of the Orange County trust and heirs of the settlor. This notice will be sent within 60 days of the death of the settlor.
  • Trust contests must be filed within 120 days.
  • The trustee will follow numerous steps in order to vest title of any real estate in the successor trustee properly.
  • The trustee will collect the remaining assets.
  • The trustee will obtain a tax ID number for the trust.
  • The trustee will receive property that is placed in the trust by virtue of a pour-over will.
  • The trustee will ascertain and pay debts and taxes of the estate.
  • The trustee will prepare an accounting for the trust.
  • The trustee will fund sub-trusts, if applicable.

Are you wondering what has to happen before distribution of California living trust assets? View here for more from an Orange County trust attorney. For more information about asset distribution, contact the knowledgeable Orange County trust attorneys at the Law Office of James F. Roberts & Associates, APC. Call our office today at (714) 282-7488 for a consultation.

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