Administering a Trust: An Involved Process. An Orange County Trust Attorney Can Answer Your Questions

When you are appointed as a successor trustee of a decedent’s trust, your duties are complex and challenging.  A trustee’s role is distinguishable from that of a personal representative because the former does not involve the burden of court supervision.  Nonetheless, because of the complexities involved with trust administration, a trustee will often need the guidance of an experienced trust attorney.  Some of the duties which a trustee must perform in California include, but are not limited to:

  • Filing of an affidavit regarding the death of the trustor with the county in which the decedent passed away, allowing the trustee to sell or transfer property
  • Filing papers with the County Assessor’s Office to maintain the benefits of Proposition 13, if applicable
  • Sending notice of the decedent’s death to the legal heirs and beneficiaries of the trustor(s) pursuant to Probate Code Section 16061.7
  • Obtaining appraisal and valuation of all trust assets

We can show you how to strategically implement your marital trusts while you are coping with the passing of your spouse, and we help you effectively manage and distribute the trust assets of your own loved ones even as you come to terms with their loss.

James F. Roberts
Founder and owner of the Law Office of James F. Roberts and Associates, a premiere estate planning law firm