Estate Planning Isn’t All About Money

As you set out to write your will and create your estate plan, you may read a lot of articles about money. You may learn about the potential tax advantages of trusts that make you consider the pros and cons of bequeathing gifts. Those articles may make you consider other financial decisions that could impact how much money the government gets versus how much money your beneficiaries will receive.

Your Most Important Consideration May Not Be Money

The money you bequest is important to you, but there are other issues to consider when planning your estate, like:

  • Keeping family heirlooms in the family.
  • Making sure that your children from a prior marriage are treated the same as your children from your current marriage.
  • Giving what you can to the charities you support.
  • Making sure that your values are carried on by the next generation.

You may want these intentions reflected in your will, trust, letter of wishes, and other estate planning documents.

Your family knows who you are. They know what’s important to you, how you’ve lived your life, what you want for them, and what charitable causes you support. However, your will, your trusts, and your overall estate plan may be the last time that you get to express those values to your family.

Your Opportunity to Express Your Intentions

You don’t have to decide between financial planning and expressing your desires in your estate plan. You can do both, and your family will be grateful for it. If you’d like to speak to an experienced lawyer about your estate plan, call us today at 714-459-5481. We may be able to help you.


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